Friday, June 12, 2009

Snoop, the Left Never Was Proud of its Left Wing Extremists...

...and that may be the point.

In reply to the article Is The Right Still "Proud To Be a Right-Wing Extremist"? , which appears on the People For the American Way's Right Wing Watch blog, Mark Harvey (AKA Snooper) offered the following:

Is The Left Still "Proud To Be a Left-Wing Extremist"?

This was going to be one more rewrite of articles the Leftinistra like to pawn off as fact but I changed my mind.

Right off you can see where this guy is coming from. "Leftinistra"? Yeesh...

The original article posted by one named Kyle is entitled, "Is The Right Still "Proud To Be a Right-Wing Extremist"?" Isn't it interesting how these frauds never ever challenge their own? Isn't it interesting how these frauds on the left side of life never ever acknowledges the heinous acts of their own?

Two things:

Kyle's Right Wing Watch post was replying to those among the right who, in response to the Department of Homeland Security Report, "Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment”, [pdf] chose to call themselves right wing extremists.

Of course, as Kyle points out in his piece:

The report was not a warning about mainstream conservative political groups or lawful anti-abortion activists or religious organizations - it was a report about violent, radical extremists. But it was the Right that intentionally conflated the two and now, in the wake of two high-profile violent acts carried out by right-wing extremists, it is the Right that is insisting that they have nothing in common with such people.

And that is exactly the point: the report was not about them, but they made it about them because they thought they could score some political points and raise money by doing so.

How ridiculous and crass this phony controversy became can pretty much be summed up by these cards, which the Liberty Counsel is still selling on its website, that, in light of the recent attacks, seem to be in pretty poor taste:

They claim to be right wing extremists themselves when the report first came out (even though the report was clearly about protecting the American people from the possibility of violent right wing extremism, given the political and social climate), and do everything they can to distance themselves and their ideas from real violent right wing extremists when the nutjobs DHS was talking about actually do show up.

Second, it is unlikely you will find your run of the mill leftist applauding left wing extremism, or claiming to be left wing extremists themselves, like those on the right have done. There are no "Proud to be a Left Wing Extremist" cards on sale at liberal websites. Mr Harvey's assertion that the left "never acknowledges or challenges the heinous acts of their own" doesn't hold water...

1) Daily Kos: Why "We're fighting them over there...." is the Biggest Lie of the Bush Administration (Several paragraphs of acknowledgment & challenge to Earth Liberation Front terrorism & sabotage.)

2) Here are a few libs discussing and challenging the actions of the Animal Liberation Front (called PETA in this first link, but corrected here) and some of the 60's radicals. Another. Last one (or two, as the comment just below it continues the conversation.)

3) Finally, here's a link to me from 2008, discussing the idiot blac block ninja wannabees that sometimes show up at peace protests: About Peace Thugs

So much for that leaky bucket...

For instance, the Jihadi that assassinated an Army Soldier in Arkansas. He hated America as well. The left hate America and all she stands for seeing that the left cannot reconcile anything they believe in with the United States Constitution. Ever.

This is just moronic. First off, we libs love America, which is why we keep trying to defend it from the batshit dumb thinking of wingers like this guy.

But even assuming "the left" did hate America, the syllogism (or in this guy's case, "silly gism") he's offering doesn't make sense, and is a perfect example of why some fathers should've pulled out sooner than they did.

Mr. Harvey's basically saying:

Humans drink water.
My pet cat drinks water.
Therefore, my pet cat is human.

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

I have tried to get at least ONE member of the Leftinistra to at least TRY and support their rhetoric with our Founding Documents but none have come up to meet the challenge. Ever. And I don't expect any to try, either. Why? Because they cannot.

Though I predict it'll be fruitless, given this guy's intellect & biases, I'd be glad to support my rhetoric, constitutionally... Pick a subject, Snoop.

They all accuse others of that which they themselves do.They have the Eco Nazis that run around burning buildings down that aren't green enough adding poison gases into the atmosphere. They have arsonists that run around fire-bombing Recruiting Stations across America and the list goes on and on and on.

I'm not sure whether these are supposed to be examples of liberals "all accus[ing] others of that which they themselves do"--the first might be, the second, not so much--or just the next part of the rant, but yes, some liberals exhibit some "do as I say, not as I do" thinkin' (just like some cons), and yes, some libs and cons engage in hypocritical, self-defeating acts (although first off, I've never heard of any eco-terrorist burning a building down because it wasn't green enough--sometimes it's about the land it's on, sometimes it's to cost the company that owns it money, and sometimes it's to destroy records--and second, there are levels of good & evil. Nothing is 100% pure, and one would have to be an idiot not to understand that (but then, look at who I;'m talking to... A guy with a "human" cat.). The terrorists may believe that a little poison smoke is less evil than the company &/or whatever bad thing it's doing.)

To put it in terms Mr Harvey may understand, it's like those wingnuts who kill abortion doctors. They believe all life is sacred in principle, but also believe that murdering one doctor is worth saving all those unborn lives.
Hypocritical? Maybe, but that's how domestic terrorists like Harvey's "eco-nazi's" & my rightwing extremist anti-choice folks think.

You won't find any right-wingers participating in any of those activities.

Well no, that'd be silly... Right wingers by & large are not environmentalists or opposed to military service. Besides, a few of 'em are too busy shooting doctors and potentially gay folks in church, and police/security officers/minorities in the streets, of late... ...just like George W. Bush's Department of Homeland Security said they might be. (Snooper does realize that that report was written while Bush was in office, right?)

Certainly, you will not find right-wingers attending a DNC election convention or any other DNC meeting of the mindless tossing bleach at their opposition. You won't find any right-wingers dropping rocks, bricks and or sandbags from overpasses onto passing vehicles occupied by their opposition. You won't find any right-wingers stealing campaign signs from the front yards of their opposition. You won't find vitriolic attacks on their Leftinistra version of Sarah Palin coming from the right-wingers, either.

I'm not going to try to dig up each & every one of whatever bullshit stories Mr. Harvey is referring to, here... If he's too lazy to back his claims with supporting evidence, why should I?

Suffice to say, yes, there are individual morons on both sides of the aisle who do bad things, and Mr Harvey's denialism (Thanks, Professor!!) that right-wingers ever do such things shows how far off the reservation Snoop really is. One can argue that the birthers are pretty vitriolic, and the hate overheard at Palin rallies is documented truth--& don't forget McCain (to his credit) correcting the idiot accusing Obama of being a muslim. (Which to too many on the right, means "terrorist.")

Tell ya what... The campaign sign thing is just too easy...
1) ginger's-obama-sign
2) Dawn Teo: YouTube Those Campaign Sign Thieves for the Pleasure of Local Police and the Global Public

And sometimes, Snoop, you right wingers even victimize each other, campaign sign-wise:
3) Mike Huckabee President 2008: Romney Campaign Caught Stealing McCain Signs

But you just keep up those denials, Mr Harvey... It shows everyone who you really are...

You won't find any right-wingers trying to get their opposition removed from the internet because they might be dangerous or that they disagree with anyone. Need I go on? You won't find any right-wingers trying to hack into a web site they don't like.

Woops. Here's one... | Right Wing Hackers Target IndyMedia Network. Look!! Here's another. Brave New World: Hack Attack: The Talk of the Town: The New Yorker As the kids say, Epic fail, Snoop.

You won't have any right-wingers running all over Blogspot and hitting the "FLAG" button because they won't "shut up". You won't find any right-wingers writing emails to their opposition describing how dead they want them to be.

1) Gawker - On The Internet, Everyone Knows You Want to Kill Them - we get letters
2)Daily Kos: Saturday hate mail-apalooza
3) Hating the Hate Mail | Media and Technology | AlterNet
4) The Online Lunchpail ™: When PBS got right-wing hate mail

All of that comes from the left-wingers. Period. End of discussion.

Well, all except that stuff I mentioned (as well as a good bunch I didn't.) Sorry Snoop, but your claims are demonstrably false, and your unwillingness to see it shows you to be the fraud you are.

You won't find any right-wingers defecating, urinating and desecrating any flag of any sort in public at "peace rallies" or "anti-war rallies".

Perhaps not at peace rallies, but at anti-illegal immigration protests? Whole other story:

1)Group burns Mexican flag in front of consulate - KVOA News 4, Tucson, Arizona - If you prefer, here's the report from Freeperville, home of Roeder & von Brunn: Group burns Mexican flag in front of consulate (Tucson AZ)

2) Spoke too soon. This mexican flag was torn down & stmped at a peace rally by an "Eagle," YouTube - american eagle stops on mexican flag at pro war~anti war rally

You will fiind that after a right-wing gathering, the area is left behind cleaner than it was when they got there.

Well there are all those symbolic tea bags...

The murder of Tiller the Baby Killer was a gross act of stupidity and the right-wing immediately yelled out for this cretins' just in prison or worse.

Not all of 'em, Snoop...
Drake: Tiller's Murder "An Answer to Prayer" | Right Wing Watch
From two Freeper threads: Little Green Footballs - Bad Craziness Watch: Right Wing Reaction to the Tiller Murder

Yet, when attacks on Soldiers and other military personnel across this nation take place, not a peep of outrage comes from the alleged most tolerant people on the globe.

First off, bringing soldiers home safely is one of the big reasons libs protest against unnecessary and poorly planned military missions like the one in Iraq. But aside that obvious fact...
Kos: Daily Kos: Another Religious Nut With A Gun Shoots Army Recruiters.
Juan Cole: Balloon Juice � Blog Archive � Soldier Dead in Arkansas
C&L: Crooks and Liars � Now the right-wingers want to blame military-recruiter slayings on liberals

And then there's the stupidity of even comparing the two murders, in the first place:
Dr. Tiller and the Army Recruitment Station Killing | Lean Left

They are a lot of things but tolerant is at the bottom of the list. The worst of the worst are in the Bay Area in California. Just ask Code Pink - the people that sent in excess of $600M in "aid" to the enemy to kill, wound, maim and fight our Troops. There's tolerance for you right there. I call that treason and you won't find any right-winger doing that at all.

Jordanian authorities ban protest by US anti-war group: "The group recently sent 600,000 dollars worth of humanitarian aid to residents of the Iraqi town of Fallujah who were displaced by a massive US-led assault in November."

Humanitarian aid to help the unintended victims of war, the citizens we went there to liberate...
Isn't that what our government is doing to this very day, with all that rebuilding of hospitals, schools, roads & whatnot? How much did the Bush administration alone send to Iraq & Afghanistan, for the very same purposes? Treason my ass, Snoop. I call bullshit. Put up or shut up.

You also won't find any right-wingers spying on their own country and passing of vital national secrets to the enemy either. That is reserved to the left-wingers. Facts are hard to hide people.

Hard to hide, but impossible to show any of 'em in your post, apparently... Left wing spies?

Besides, right wingers expose their state secrets in front of TV reporters: Those "National Security" Republicans Are Disclosing Intelligence Secrets. Gee, Wonder Why? | Crooks and Liars and spy on fellow American citizens, instead: Is the Pentagon spying on Americans? - Lisa Myers & the NBC News Investigative Unit-

The Leftinistra are the singularly most ugly, mean-spirited pieces of trash outside your viral Haji yet the Leftinistra support the enemy over their own nation and those that protect their very rights to exist. And yes, the Leftinistra toss the term "neocon" around like they know what a "neocon" is or something. I merely laugh in disdain because their use of the term "neocon" is allegedly a term of derision - tolerance at work I am sure. If they ever learn what a "neocon" is, they would drop it like a hot Pelosi panty.

Unsubstantiated trash talk like this deserves no reply. If you're going to take the time to speak, you ought to actually say something folks can understand...

The Leftinistra labeled the holocaust Museum shooter a right-winger when it has been shown that he was/is nothing of the sort.

Snoop, even the FBI & Homeland Security are calling him a right wing extremist. "In another alert, the agencies said von Brunn was associated with right-wing extremism." [Link] You folks really ought to give up denying it... It only makes you look blinded by partisanship, and out of touch with current events...

All we hear no is silence from their sheeple.

Liberal silence? Really??...

He was one of their own - a hater of Christianity, an anti-Semite (there are no anti-Semites on the right-wing) and a hater of the "neocon".

Have you really never heard of Paleoconservatives? Does the name Pat Buchanan ring a bell? (Scroll to the section on Jews.)
Nope... No anti-Semitism there, Snoop.

Amazing isn't it? Yet the fools on the left try and blame others for what they themselves partake in on a regular basis and call it good. Why? Because they did the deed and the Leftinistra never do anything wrong. Just ask this buffoon Kyle.

Mr Harvey cannot quote Kyle (or me, or much of any other lib) saying the left never does wrong, because it'd make us look as stupid as Mr Harvey does here, denying that von Brunn was/is a right wing extremist. Of course libs make mistakes large & small. Alot of 'em, more'n'likely... And yes, there are certainly left wing extremists here in America. (See Snoop... It isn't so hard to admit your side isn't perfect... I bet you could do it too, if you really tried...)

Right Wing Watch? By all means, watch. We are watching back and we are better at it and I wear my Right Wing Extremist Badge with honor and courage.

You do that, Spanky... ...but then, don't get all bent outta shape when real right wing extremists like Roeder & von Brunn make you look like an asshole for voluntarily claiming that title for yourself, thus willingly associating yourself with murderers and kooks. (Some people are just too damned stupid to come out of the rain...)

The Leftinistra do not because they are the very cowards they hate. The self-loathing of the Leftinistra is all too obvious.

Perhaps the Left-Wing Extremist Report by the DHS is "right" after all, eh?

Well yeah, that report probably is right, Snoop. Does anyone doubt that left wing extremists will use the internet itself to attack? (And, does anyone doubt that right wing extremists will follow suit, or are we still denying they exist... ...or suggesting that they're too stupid to understand how to hack, like we leftists?)

I have a question for these cretins on the left-wing. If the right-wing is as you all claim that we are, seeing that there are millions of us and we are all killers, murderers and such, is it wise to back us into a corner and piss us off?

Just sayin'. Think about that.

Yeah... Because after insisting on linking yourself with murderous nutbag extremists--even going so far as to proudly call yourself one--the next thing you want to do is threaten folks with violence. Gotta love it.

The thing that Mr Harvey fails to understand is that almost no one here on the left is calling him or his fellow right wingers murderous killers. HE'S doing that, by insisting on wearing his DHS approved Right Wing Extremist badge so friggin' proudly. Unless he was fixing to hurt or kill any of his fellow Americans because of his political beliefs, THE REPORT NEVER WAS ABOUT HIM!!! One of the very first paragraphs of the report talks about VIOLENT RADICALIZATION. Not violent? You're probably not a radical... at least as far as DHS is concerned. It's clear as a mountain stream, except to those who refuse to open their dang eyes.

We can debate issues and beliefs and argue various programs, policies and laws on their constitutionality or not. We are willing but the Leftinistra are not because they would lose every time.



Remember, Conservatism wins every time in elections and that is why in tough races, democrats put up conservative candidates against liberal republicans...and win. John McCain lost because he might as well join the DNC because he is in fact one of them at heart, just like his esteemed colleague Arlen Specter and Lindsey Graham. There isn't a conservative bone in their bodies.

But um... Wasn't McCain still more conservative than Obama? And, for that matter, aren't the Republicans in those races against the "conservative" Democrats generally MORE conservative than the Democrats they're running against? Can you explain why the Dems won in those cases, Snoop, if conservatism wins every time?


Thought not... Another very leaky pail of nonsense...

This is why candidates like Sarah Palin frighten the Leftinistra on the democrat side and the republican side.

Been there, done that... Palin ran, and Palin lost. Perhaps she'll do it again, but few fear her... She's played the game once on the national stage, and the American people already judged her unfit...

I am neither.

If I have a label, I am a conservative libertarian constitutionalist. Neocon? Don't make me laugh.

Always convenient, when one doesn't have to adhere to any political party's platform... Makes it easier to criticize the ones actually in the game, too.

Catch the chatter of those that agree with little boy Kyle at Memeorandum.

Another Leftinistra moonbat spanked.

Someone was spanked, that's for sure...

Though not part of the original argument, I came across this comment while researching for this post. It succinctly explains why the DHS report applies to von Brunn.: trex on June 11, 2009 at 3:50 PM

Also, a h/t to Professor Douglas at AmPow... His post on this was a cut'n'paste of Mr Harvey's, and said very little else... (In fact, the best thing about Donald's version is that it elicited Cracker's wise & witty take on Mr Harvey's assertion that there are no anti-Semites on the right. He's got a way with words, that boy...)


SR said...

Nice try but no cigar. Might want to check in with Billy for one of those if they have dried off.

Anyway, you missed the point of the article all together but that is to be expected. The left NEVER goes after their own. Ever. Not in public anyway but we do. We even remove ours from office and yours do not. Go figure.

Your double standards are overwhelmingly obvious except to the oblivious.

And yes, the Leftinistra. The armies of the socialist liberal. Tag and spanked. Have a nice day.

repsac3 said...

SR, Clinton cigar jokes are cute, ultimately unresponsive, and apropos of nothing, except to show how behind the times you are... Maybe you could do a Carter joke next, then we'll all jump in your Pinto & drive to the big Spirit of 76 dance at the high school...

You clearly didn't follow the links, which give EXAMPLES of libs going after the left wing extremists that mill about on the fringes of the political left, contradicting pretty much your whole second paragraph.

Also, this isn't about folks in office, regardless of party, but VIOLENT EXTREMISTS. That is the point you people keep missing, even though it's right there in the DHS report, in vivid black & white. (That said, you don't get rid of your elected nutjobs... Mostly, they're voted out by the people who elected them, or removed from office because of the indictments or prison sentences. (& sometimes they're not removed at all, like "wide stance" Craig & Vitter, the hooker guy, both of whom are still proud Republican representatives in office.)

And Snoop's big & brilliant reply to all that? (At his site, of course... Dangerous to leave those safe environs, where one can't control what is said...):

Clearly the crank that wrote a rebuttal to this article missed the point entirely. Go figure.

At Donald's he didn't reply to me at all, but offered this bold fresh piece of "truth" in reply to two comments about his saying "there are no anti-Semites on the right-wing" [#1, and #2]:
Mark "Snooper" Harvey said "Silly one. I said you'd be hard-pressed to find a Jew Hater on the right. Thanks for the verification of your inability to read and/or comprehend." (and then followed that with a different Clinton cigar "funny," which appears to be all the rage among the denizens of Snooperland.)

The whole post is here, and there's a copy of the relevant portion at Donald's, too. (Click on Snoop's response, or either of the comment numbers to which he was replying) I defy anyone (including Snoop himself or any of his minions) to find the quote where Snoop says "Hard pressed to find a Jew hater on the right," rather than "there are no anti-Semites on the right-wing."

Snoop's claim is demonstrably false.
Snooper is demonstrably lying.

If this is really all they have, it's no wonder the right wing is falling apart.

ex DLB said...

Nice thread over at Political Animal. I like the point Aimai makes that these domestic terrorists are not mentally ill. Would you consider them to be so?

It seems to me that they are more a creation of the atmosphere and culture that has been fostered on the right. Guns and faux-bravery are certainly a big part. Throw in a mix of hatred for your "enemies" and use smear words to describe them at every turn. It's a Frankenstein's monster that's been built by every right wing propagandist and they own it.

The only question is whether folks like Snooper turn out to be Dr. Frankenstein or his creation. The bulk of the guilt lies with the creator, though.

So, Repsac, did you finally give in to all the people misspelling your name, in putting the word respect in the title of this blog?

repsac3 said...

I'm not sure where I stand on the question of mental illness for these guys.

I mean sure, it's easy (& appealing in a way, as the alternative is that anyone you meet can think/act this way) to say that one has to have something physically (chemical imbalance in the brain?) or psychologically wrong with them to want to kill others just for being of a different race or religion, (let alone for believing some of the things they claim to in their manifestos--& they all have manifestos, which might also tell you somethin'), but in the end, I think Aimai's right... They're probably legally sane, and to say otherwise maligns people who are truly mentally ill.

The atmosphere and coarsening of the culture on the political right (& to be fair, on the political left, as well) do make a difference, but they don't cause the problem. Really, this is the same argument as those who decry rock/rap lyrics and "sex" &/or violence on TV. I'm all for individuals limiting their own (& their children's) exposure to offensive media (whether that be certain rock/rap music, Bill O'Reilly's tv/radio shows, or Donald Douglas's blog, where everyone he disagrees with becomes a "nihilist"), but I also think that it would be counterproductive to create a pc/lowest common denominator world where everything is Father Knows Best and The Brady Bunch, even though doing so may prevent some violent thinking and acts. There are times when a good "fuck you!" (or "fascist!!") is necessary. I just hope we all choose wisely, and realize that too much of this stuff is bad for our culture, (In my perfect world, people would stop paying any attention to these nasty radio/TV/print/blogger talking heads, with their name-calling & generalizing, and they would sink into anonymous obscurity.)

Snooper is a joke. You can see the result when he's challenged on the facts; he calls you a crank or a clown, and ignores all the substantive points you make. Even professor Douglas is a better man than that... (On the other hand, I've no doubt about which of them would be more likely to threaten & use violence in the heat of a political debate. Snooper comes off far closer to an American separatist/secessionist/compound-deep-in-the-woods/militia type that Donald ever would or could.)

As far as the title, no, it's another of Donald's quirky misused phrases, actually... I'm too lazy to hunt for any examples now, but I noticed a few times where Donald would say things like "With all due respect, you're a nihilist commie frogfucker." or "You don't have the brains God gave my Aunt Sophie's left testicle, with all due respect." (Just so there's no confusion from anyone who may one day stumble into the peanut(brained) gallery, Donald never actually said *THOSE* exact sentences. But he has, on several occasions, called someone a name or otherwise insulted them and used the phrase "with all due respect" in the same sentence. In the inimitable words of Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride (or a paraphrase thereof): "He keeps using that phrase. I do not think it means what he thinks it means.")

Anyway, I thought it was a good blog title, and was frankly amazed that no one else had scooped it up. I did briefly (VERY briefly) consider "With All Due Repsac," but thought it looked & sounded really, really dumb.
(I get why everybody switches the "p" & the "s," & spells it "respac." Unless you know the secret (It's "casper" backwards) it seems more natural & "right" to put the letters "r" "e" "s" together in that order... Not much I can do about it, but I do find it interesting how many people make that same error, all probably for that same reason...)

ex DLB said...

Repsac, Thanks for the explanation of the title, it really is a great blog name. I'm sure Donald will be more than happy to take credit for it. And I'm sure your made up examples are much better anyway. He gets a little trite and repetitive sometimes; so many nihilist atheists, so few smears. It's a shame.

BTW, being of French-Canadian descent, I come from a long line of frogfuckers. Wear the title well.