Saturday, August 1, 2009

Re: OBAMA SECRET SERVICE Pulls Guns On Conservative Tea Party Protesters In Bristol

UPDATE 4/29/10 - Added link to main story at Gateway Pundit, because the links to the individual comments at GP I that I'd included in the post below don't seem to be working, anymore. (The post shows "Comments Off" and "Comments are closed., and I suspect that the first one is responsible for the now dead links.") I guess you'll just have to trust that I faithfully copied and cited the comments in question... ...or don't.: Gateway Pundit: OBAMA SECRET SERVICE Pulls Guns On Conservative Tea Party Protesters In Bristol

Gateway Pundit - 7/30/2009 11:53:00 PM comment:
"It's not normal for the secret service to pull their assault guns on conservative protesters as they drive through town."

Wrong answer, as explained by a few of Gateway's own commenters, very shortly after this silly post hit the net.

Actually, that's the Secret Service Counter Assault Team. They always ride around with the rear window open and their weapons at the ready. Here's one photo:

U.S. Secret Service Counter Assault Team member has his assault weapon at the ready while sitting in the rear of a motorcade SUV as Barack Obama arrives at meeting in the Chicago FBI building.

Here's another:

Tom W. | 07.31.09 - 12:28 am"

"The duty of the Secret Service Counter Assault Team (CAT) is to fight off an assault on the presidential motorcade, delaying the attack while the president's personal protection team whisks him off to safety.

In other words, these men and women are hired specifically to give their lives so that others can save the president. They're amazing people."

Tom W. | 07.31.09 - 12:44 am

"These "hired guns" are the same people who protected Bush. They're total professionals and patriots. To think they're going to open fire on civilians because Obama is angry is an absolute smear and an insult."
Tom W. | 07.31.09 - 1:01 am

"Everyone calm down a little. I work with some of these folks and this is no different than any other event Ihave been at. People are trying to see something that isnt there. We have enough issues to be concerned about without inventing things like this to get spun up about."
Chuk | 07.31.09 - 1:14 am

Of course, some folks just don't bother readin'... American Power: Did Obama's Secret Service Draw Guns on Conservative Protesters? (Why am I not surprised?)

More at memeorandum, including TBogg, who wrote this post first, and wrote it funnier...
UPDATE: Melissa Clouthier @ Right Wing News is apparently afraid "Obama's" Secret Service is going to shoot her, too. Maybe someone should tell her what kinda heros they are... / American Thinker seems not to've read the commentary either, and are keeping the "Secret Service CAT Force as armed folks hostile to REAL Americans protesting" meme alive.

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