Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yes Donald...

If you say stuff like this:

"Spencer's essay continues with an explanation of the intrinsic brutality among Muslim men, indicating that primordial violence against women is a central component to 'Islamic tradition.'"

or this:

"The notion that Asiya Hassan's husband was not in fact a moderate, and that he murdered his wife according to ancient Muslim culture and tradition, puts the lie to left's claims that Islam is just another religion - culturally equivalent - and that conservatives are 'racist' by identifying Muslims as a clear and present danger to national security on the basis of their beliefs. This backlash illustrates anti-Americanism through and through, and the left's pushback on this story just makes the entire case that much more significant for the debate over creeping Islamization of the West." (and dig the subtle defense of Geert Wilders, who wants to ban books, but whines about his fellow Dutchmen (& others) curtailing his own free speech)

...chances are pretty good that you're a racist (though perhaps, "religious/cultural bigot" would be more accurate). At the very least, you ought to get used to many of your fellow Americans saying you are... ...because they will.

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