Saturday, March 7, 2009

Class Warfare

A real class act, this Kathy Shadle:

Times have changed and now the poor get fat

"Today's "poor" are the rich Jesus warned you about: fat, slovenly, wasteful of their money and other people's."

"He spends all his (our) money on cellphones and, most likely, tattoos and drugs and booze and other crap, and has no money left for a home and food. And why should he bother? We pay for his shelter and food anyhow."

"What's really funny in that news story by the way is what they're serving at the soup kitchen: risotto with brocolli. Obviously some rich white liberal did the cooking that day, feeling all proud of herself, and what thanks did she get? Some lowclass loser going, "You expect me to eat this weird crap?!""

The Christlike love and compassion makes you go all weepy, don't it?


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